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In order to maintain the relationship of mutual trust with the members, our company recognizes the importance of protecting our customers' personal information based on the policies below and our executives as well as the employees strive to achive the adequate protection of your personal information.

1. Collection of Personal Information

Our company will predetermine the purpose of use for your personal information provided and may collect only the necessary information from you through a fair, legal process.

2. Use and Share of Your Personal Information

Our company will use your personal information only for what is required to perform our operations within the predetermined purpose of use. Our company strongly observe the law and will not disclose your personal information to any third parties without your agreement.

3. Consignment of Your Personal Information

When we are to consign the management of your personal information to outside, our company will enforce the proper examination of the consigned company and supervise the management in order to protect your personal information.

4. Management of Personal Information

Our company will practice a proper information security strategy in order to maintain the accuracy of your personal information and prevent any access, loss, deletion, alteration, or disclosure of personal information.

5. Management System of Our Company

Our company will appoint a manager for personal information protection and will enforce the proper management of personal information. Our company will have training sessions on personal information protection and the proper management method to all of our executives and employees. We enforce the proper way to handle personal information during daily operations.

6. Observation of Law & Compliance

Our company observe "the law regarding personal information protection" and "the compliance regarding personal information protection" when handling personal information.

7. Continuous Improvement of Compliance Program

Our company will predetermine a Personal Information Protection Compliance Program, enforce it to all of our executives and employees as well as all those who are involved, and continuously improve it.

8. Proper Supervision of Consigner

Our company will supervise the consigner properly by conducting audit in a timely manner if we decide to consign the handling of personal information in our possession and complete the contract regarding personal information protection with our consigner.

9. Observance of the Compliance regarding Personal Information Protection and Other Standards

Our company observes the compliance regarding personal information protection, the guideline regarding the protection of personal information, and the independent rules.
September 1, 2012
Kobaya®, Inc.
VP & CFO Akira Kitajima
Contact regarding personal information

For our members, please contact below to make any requests to review, revise, pause and delete any personal information.

Personal Information Customer Service 310-944-9782
Business Hours: 9am - 5pm
Monday - Friday (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


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