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Run To Save A Soul
Kobaya was there to sample and support an organization called "Run to Save a Soul" on March 9, 2014. Here they coach young people who fell into addictions or problems to run this marathon, as a testament to being able to meet challenges in running as well as in life. Run to Save a Soul had 50+ runners who all finished.

Kobayanuts on The Balancing Act

Crispy, Crunchy And Perfectly Healthy

Almonds are a popular snack food, enjoyed by millions of American women. And thanks to Kobaya®, they're more popular than ever. Bursting with taste and packed with fun, in-shell roasted almonds from Kobaya® are changing the way today's smart consumer chooses their snack foods. And the good news is: This" superfood" has gone "roasted"! Join Kobaya® spokesman, Kenny Hasegawa as he talks about healthy snacking on "The Balancing Act".

--from The Balancing Act


March 2013 - Gourmet News - KOBAYA®: A BRAND NEW WAY OF ENJOYING ALMONDS, click here.

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