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Corporate Profile

KOBAYA® in Torrance, CA is the U.S. marketing arm of Kobayashi Shoji Co., Ltd. of Chiba, Japan. Kobayashi Shoji has been processing nuts, dried fruits and vegetables through its unique processing methods since- 1984, and marketing delicious packaged products throughout Japan. KOBAYA® features NON-GMO RICE Coated Almonds made from select California almonds roasted with crunchy coatings in such popular flavors as Wasabi, Black Pepper, and Lightly Salted. Our exceptional Wasabi flavor in particular is sure to satisfy even the most discerning Wasabi connoisseur. KOBAYA® also introduces In Shell Almonds that are exceptionally fresh and tasty thanks to its high quality nuts, meticulous processing and packaging. Almonds are naturally low sodium foods and all KOBAYA® products are GLUTEN FREE. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR, FLAVORS, OR PRESERVATIVES HAVE BEEN ADDED.


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